LuminAuz® Illuminated Hard hat, a worlds first Patent Pending Australian invention. 

Your new Hard Hat is a, type 2 ,UV400 rated polycarbonate  Hard Hat AS/NZ 1801, The Hard Hat is manufactured by Honeywell, LuminAuz® use these helmets in a combination with our LuminAuz insert as our product. 

Our insert is an “Electroluminescent insert” that creates no heat, uses very low power and it is powered by a USB rechargeable battery with a micro usb plug insert. 

Any micro USB charging cable can be used if the one provided does not meet your requirement, we do not provide the wall plug USB as this increases our sales price to you and we believe everyone has a usb charger of some kind.

The best recommended aftermarket USB cord for fast charge, is a micro usb fast charge cord and a 2.1A usb supply for a quick 30-60min full recharge from a flat battery, (depending on cable quality).

The illuminated insert is operated by a clearly marked button on the back it will show a green light when in operation.

The helmet will not operate and charge at the same time, there is a intrinsically safe charging component that will cut out the helmet light while charging.

When charging the helmet the activation button on the power unit will show a red light when the battery is in charge mode. It will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

Operation has 4 modes.

Off, On constant, On slow flash, On fast flash.

The helmet makes a very quiet sound in operation (741Hz) only possible to hear in a completely silent room,(this was designed into the safety system for a reason)  this was also designed into the system in the event wearer is blind or blinded in an accident or rescue situation and needs to place helmet against their ear to hear (and confirm) it is flashing, working as a human beacon locator in; smokey, dusty, fog and low visibility environments.

The helmets were also designed with weight and battery life time as the major factor, (total helmet weight 450g) this resulted in us designing the helmet to last in one charge 12-15 hours in either flash mode, 3-4hrs  in solid mode. Keeping weight vs running time to a minimum for one standard shift. If working for a longer shift like 12 hours then charging for 30 min at smoko will meet these requirements.

The insert only adds 70g to the helmet.

With orders over 10 units we also sell a double safety charge system with 240v plug and a 10 x usb 2.1A outlets.

Please enjoy your purchase and we are happy to receive any feedback.

Customisable options available for logos and retro tape application.



Type 2 Polycarbonate UV400 Rated

SAI Global AS/NZ1801


3.7V 1054mAh Lipo USB recharge Battery

30min full charge

IP97 (waterproof)

8 colours


Visible from 150m


Run Time:

3-4hrs solid mode

12-15hrs on flash mode